About Us

C2C is a Florida-based software development company, software vendor, and hardware vendor for state-level organizations involved in middle-to-high school education and athletic activities.

C2C brings high compute and big data technologies to organizations that could not otherwise afford them by creating mutually beneficial cooperatives that promote collaboration between related, but geographically disperse, actors and stakeholders.

Through its flagship cloud platform, c2cschools.com, C2C has been able to achieve levels of interoperability and cooperation that have never been achieved before. The platform succeeds by layering a dynamically scalable architecture, highly versatile and robust APIs, and efficient data processing algorithms on top of an uncompromising focus on the user experience.

Who is C2C Schools?

  • In operation since the year 2009.
  • Services include scheduling, score reporting, contract management, eligibility, event registration and member management and more.

Who does C2C Schools serve?

  • 1,240+ Sanctioned Schools
  • 44,700+ Teams
  • 1,750+ Athletic Directors
  • 15,200+ Coaches
  • 778,500+ Students
  • 49,100+ Active Users

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