Florida Packages

Florida Unlimited

Basic Functionality
Alerts & Notifications
Blogs & News (Reading)
Desktop Icons
Max School Administrators Unlimited
Grid Tools: Export to PDF
Grid Tools: Export to XLS
Grid Tools: Export to Delimited
Grid Tools: Export to XML
Website Widgets
Score Alerts
Contract Alerts
State Compliance
Fundamental State Compliance
Bad Standing Search
Manage State Representatives
State Requirements for Athletes
Custom Requirements for Athletes Unlimited
State Requirements for Coaches
Custom Requirements for Coaches Unlimited
State Requirements for ECOs
Custom Requirements for ECOs Unlimited
Eligibility Expiration Notice
Eligibility Expiration Report (XLS)
Academic Settings
Course Settings (Core/Non-Core)
FTP Import / Upload
Import Specifications (Templates)
Athlete Management
Import Athletes (File Upload)
Import Athletes (Direct/API)
Import Athletes' Grades
Manage Athletes
View Import Specifications
Attach Files to Athlete
View Import Specifications
Manage Athlete Email Addresses
Manage Athlete Addresses
Manage Athlete Phone Numbers
Report Bad Standing
Push Athlete
View Athlete Grades
Maximum Grade History Retention 12 years
Team History for Athlete
View Athlete Eligibility
Add Athlete (Manually)
Content Management
Custom Web Forms
Site Management (CMS)
Ads on Public View
Ads in Members Area
Documents & Filing
Contract Management
Document Search
Fill & Submit Document
Filing System (Advanced Organization)
Incoming Filing Rules
Manage Library (Create Documents)
Event Management
Event Calendar
Master Calendar
Transportation Management
Manage Transportation Vendors
Event Staff Management
Event Staff Max (Per Event)
Game/Match Management
Tournament Management
Roster Management
Manage Venues
Non-competitive Event Management
Competition Contract Management
iCal Export (Calendar)
iCal Export (Single Event)
iCal Export (History View)
Generate Brackets
Event Tagging (Homecoming, etc.)
Sanction Event Approval
Financial Management
Invoice Items
Invoice Items Summary
Invoice Payments & Refunds
Account Summary
Billing Item Management
Purchase Memberships (Cards)
State Series Passes
Send Money
Receive Money
Staff Accounts
Request Money
External Accounts: Bank Accounts
External Accounts: Credit Cards
Personnel: Staff Details Report
Staff Details Report
Athletic Personnel Report
Demographics: School
Demographics: Team
Event & Transportation Report
Coach Eligibility Report
Team Eligibility Report
Master Eligibility Report
Master Schedule Report
Non-Traditional Students
Team Gender Report
Population Report
Team History Report (Single Athlete)
Export Report to PDF
Export Report to XLSX
View Report
Download Report
Share Report
Team Management
Declare Teams
Manage Teams
Stats Tracking
Report: Roster
Report: Eligibility
Report: Schedule
Manage Coaches
Manage ECOs
Team Managers
Custom Team Logo
Team History
State Entry Lists
Division State Entry List Reports
State Entry List Report
Users & Staff
Custom Access Roles
Medical Contacts
Schools Users & Staff
Group Settings
Basic School Information
School Settings
Academic Settings N/A
Phone Numbers
School Logo
Community Listings
Access to Community Listings
Content License Management
E-Book Access / Management
Coach Management
Attach Files to Coaches
Mobile Applications
Score Reporting App
Team / Roster Photo